Miss Merlynda Puppet Theatre


* Live Unique & Original Comical Singing Ventriloquist!

* Live Original & Fun Musical Marionettes Puppeteer!

Fun Live Sing-A-Long Ventriloquist & Puppeteer For:

Care Homes

* Senior and Mature Audiences

Hospices - and - Hospitals

Miss Merlynda - aka: Merlynda Robinson - is also a:

* multi Award Winning Comical Singer-Songwriter

* multi Award Winning Composer-Musician

* Award Winning FairyTales Poet & Comical Poet

* multi Award Winning Cartoonist - and - Caricaturist

- aka - 'Pigfish' - 'Kitty Pigfish'


The Founder of The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain

- Teacher of Professional Ventriloquism

- Fun Puppetry and Puppet-Making Workshops Leader

Background Biography:

Merlynda is a: Professional  Unique Singing Ventriloquist - and -  Professional Musical Marionettes Puppeteer - a multi Award - Winning Singer-Songwriter - multi Award-Winning FairyTales Poet - Comedy Poet - and - Romantic Poet - Award-Winning Piano and Keyboards Composer-Musician - multi Award-Winning Comedy Songs Lyricist - Award-Winning Performance Poet- Award-Winning Comedy Monologues Writer & Performer- Award-Winning Ballet & Dance Composer - and - a Published and Award-Winning Comedy  Theatre Monologues Writer and Speech-Writer.
Merlynda is also: an Award-Winning Cartoonist and Caricaturist - Illustrator - Portrait Artist - and - a multi Award-Winning Published Short Story-Writer - Commissioned and Published Art Author- Professional Newspaper and Magazine Columnist- Founder and Editor of two illustrated and printed monthly - and - bi-monthly Poetry Magazines- Live Performance Poetry Festival Director - Multi Award-Winning Comedy Performance Poet- Multi Award-Winning Comedy Ballads Singer-Songwriter -  aka: 'Merlynda - Mad, Bad & Daft To Know!'
Merlynda is also a Multi Award-winning Children's Novelty Songwriter- Award-winning Children's Comedy Poet - Nonsense Poet - FairyTales Poet - Verse-Fabulist - aka: 'Merlynda Jelly Jaws' 
Merlynda is also the Founder of 'The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain' - teaches Professional Ventriloquists and Puppeteers - and - conducts 'Fun Puppetry' Workshops - 'A Gottle O' Gear! Learn Ventriloquism' Workshops - and - 'Fun Puppet-Making' Workshops.

Background:   Awards - Performances - Publications - Professional Qualifications:

Merlynda is an LLAM of LAMDA - (Licentiate of The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art) - with 4 LAMDA Honours Medals in Speech & Acting - a multi Award-Winning Poet & Performance Poet - a multi Award-Winning Singer- Songwriter - a multi Award-Winning Song Lyrist - an Original and Unique Singing Ventriloquist - a professional Puppeteer - an Award-Winning Composer and Musician - a Marlene Dietrich Tribute Artiste and Soundalike - and - an Award-Winning Book Jacket Illustrator - Caricaturist and Illustrative Cartoonist - aka: ‘Kitty Pigfish’/'Inky Sunday'.
Over 100 of Merlynda’s Songs and Keyboard Instrumentals are published, to date - and her Romantic Poems are published in 48 Poetry Anthologies, as 16 Solo Poetry Collections, and, recorded as 3 Poetry Audio Books, to date.
She is the Winner of a variety of Poetry Awards - as follows:
- Winner: ‘The Forward Poetry/Golden Grove Poetry Award’
- Finalist: ‘The National Poetry Slam’
- Highly-Commended Award-Winner:‘The Portico Poetry Prize’
- Prize-Winner in ’The PIM Poetry Award’
- Highly-Commended Finalist in ‘The Serendipity Poetry Prize’
- 6 times Semi-Finalist Songwriter & Lyricist of ‘The UKSC’
- Highly-Commended Songwriter of‘The WM Composers Award for Song’
- Selected Romantic Love Songwriter at:   
MiDem, Cannes, France (Boulevard Publishing)

She is the Author of:  ‘ACT Alone! - A Comedy Collection of Monologues and Poems for Speakers’ (published by GAPP).
She is the commissioned Author of: ‘Master The Art’- a 850k word Fine Art Course published by The Art Institute.
She is also an Award-Winning and published Gothic Horror Short Story Author - published by Forward Press.
Her Songs and Instrumental Compositions have also been choreographed for young dancers and junior ballerinas - and - her Piano/Keyboard Suite: 'The Toys In The Attic' - was choreographed and premiered by The Royal Academy of Dance as part of  'The International EQ Festival of Dance' in Ireland.
She was the Founder and Editor of the hugely popular:‘The Poetry Box Magazine’ - and -‘The Bucks Mills Poetry Magazine’
She was also a regular Columnist for ‘The Observer Series of Newspapers’ - with her regular 'Scarlette Stars' page.
Her professional corporate writing career includes:
- Subs Editor for ‘The Financial Times’ (FinTech Publications)
- Scriptwriter in the AV/Film Industries for: ‘Q International’
- Assistant to the MD of ‘Columbia-EMI-Warner Bros Films’
- and -
- Assistant to The Chief Barker of:‘The Variety Club of Great Britain’
Her Illustrative and Cartoon artworks are also published by:
Thames & Hudson - and - The AOI
She is the Winner of: ‘The Leaf Book-Jacket Award’
- and -
she has been commissioned to create a wide variety of Theatrical & Opera Posters for various Theatrical & Opera Companies.
She has also created Caricatures of Celebrities and Actors for organisations such as:The Lords Taverners Cricket Team - and - The Second Chance Charity.
She has also created her very own Set of Punch & Judy Puppets which she regularly uses in her Punch & Judy Puppet Show Performances.
Her Live Children's Performance Poetry and Comedy Songs Performances - her Ballet Music for Children - her Comical and FairyTale Poetry and Novelty Songs Performances For Children - and her Literary Festival Appearances, Live Song Recitals, Keyboard and Piano Recitals - and Live Comedy Performance Poetry Performances - and - her Live Ventriloquism Radio Broadcasts (yes really!) - her Live Comedy Poetry Radio Broadcasts - and - her Live Walkabout Ventriloquist-Puppeteer Entertainer Performances At Festivals - Public Events - and - Private Events - to date, include:
BBC 3 Counties
BBC South
BBC Radio Solent (as the BBC’s ‘Poetry Expert’)
Delta FM
Spirit FM
Radio Lion
Festival of Chichester
Havant Literary Festival
Beer & Oyster Festival
Puriton Pump Track Launch Event
The White Hart
The Wheelwrights
The Greyhound
The Secret Garden
Ripley Festival
The Muse & Music Society
By Request of Baroness Golding and Law Lords ofThe House Of Lords,  Belgravia, London
The Lanesborough Hotel, Park Lane/Hyde Park, London
The MADhurst Festival, Midhurst, West Sussex 
- And More!
A wide Selection of Merlynda's Romantic & Comical Love Poems also featured at Seventh Heaven in Midhurst, West Sussex as part of The MADhurst Festival, in 2016.

Since 1985, she has performed her ‘One-Woman Shows’ - her ‘Live Music Events’ - and - ‘Talks’ in a wide variety of theatrical venues, clubs, pubs, halls - including performing on the London Fringe Theatre circuit.

Merlynda's Poetry Books Are Available To Order Online via:
The Devon Book Society
- and via Waterstone's - Ebay - and All Good Booksellers.
Merlynda's Romantic Love Poetry For Weddings - her Romantic Bereavement Poetry For Funerals - her Romantic Nature Poetry Books and Booklets - her War Poetry Books - her Comedy and Satire Poetry Books and Booklets For Adults - her Poetry and FairyTale Booklets & Books For Children - her Cartoons and Illustrated Greetings Cards and Postcards, Posters and Prints, Selections of her Mounted Poems, Selections of her Mounted Cartoons and Illustrations - and selections of her Original Paintings and Drawings - Are All Available To View & Buy - Plus - Merlynda's beautiful Romantic Poetry Illustrated Poetry Posters - Framed and Mounted - Sizes Range from A5 to A1.
In addition to her background as a professional Ventriloquist - Singing Ventriloquist - Cabaret Comedy Artiste - Performance Poet and Singer-Songwriter - Merlynda's career spans working as a Stage Actor and Live Performer/Entertainer (since she was 8 years old) - as a professional Pianist at The Lanesborough Hotel, Hyde Park, London - and - The Elvetham Country Estate in Hampshire - among others - as a professional Street/Walkabout Ventriloquist ('Miss Merlynda') - and - as a professional Punch & Judy Professor.  
Also - as an Award-Winning Cartoonist & Caricaturist (aka: 'Kitty Pigfish') - as a professional Fine Artist and Portrait Artist exhibiting nationally and internationally - and - as an Award-Winning Cartoonist/Caricaturist and Book Illustrator (aka: 'Kitty Pigfish'/'Inky Sunday').
She has worked as a professional Columnist for Newspapers and Magazines ('Scarlette Starz') - as a commissioned and published Art Author for The Art Institute - as PA to The Chief Barker of The Variety Club of Great Britain - and - as PA to the MD of Columbia-EMI-Warner Bros Films - as a Scriptwriter in the AV industry.
In addition to her prolific Cabaret, Childrens, Comedy and Romantic Songwriting - she is also a Composer of Piano/Keyboard Dance & Ballet Music.
In addition, Merlynda has appeared at Events, Balls and Parties as a professional Tarot Reader and I Ching Reader - and - as a professional Astrologer.
She is a Creator and Leader of Workshops in:
Ventriloquism For Professional Performers
Ventriloquism Workshops For Individuals and Groups 
Puppetry Workshops - and - Puppet-Making Workshops
Acting and Poetry Performance
Public Speaking and Speech-Writing
Singing and Songwriting

She has a great deal of experience in creating, editing and publishing two illustrated and printed Poetry Magazines.

As a professional Children's Performance Poet - and - Comedy Performance Poet - she has performed Live at a variety of Poetry Festivals, Literary Festivals and Music Festivals - Live on BBC Radio, Commercial Radio and Hospital Radio - and - headlining at a variety of Spoken Word and Poetry Open Mic Events and Poetry and Literary Festivals.

Her Caricatures Cartoons, Illustrations, Fine Art Paintings and Drawings are Exhibited Internationally - feature in many prestigious Private Collections - are auctioned by prestigious Fine Art Auctioneers - Commissioned by numerous high profile Clients - and - are Exhibited by high profile London Galleries and commercial International Art Galleries - in addition to many Provincial Art Galleries.Her 'Exhibitions List' to date is available upon request.
She is the Founder and Resident Trainer of The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain - a professional Street Ventriloquist and Walkabout Ventriloquist - and a professional Variety Theatre British Music Hall Entertainer. 
She often recites Selections of her original Romantic Love Poems, her Bereavement Poems, her Spiritual Love Poems and her Romantic Nature and Place Poems - and - Sings Selections of her Romantic Love Songs at various prestigious Venues and Events.
Merlynda entertains audiences live by Performing Ventriloquism and Puppetry - together with recitations of her Award-Winning Nonsense Poems - Fairy-Tale poems - and - Verse-Fables - For Children - and - by singing her Silly Singalong Songs For Children - with the assistance (or should that be 'interference'!) -  of one or more of her Ventriloquist Dummies/Dolls/Puppets - of course!
Merlynda works professionally at a wide variety of Live Public Events and Private Events as a professional 'Street Ventriloquist' and 'Walkabout Ventriloquist' - and - 'Street Puppeteer' - at Festivals and Family Friendly Public Events - for all ages.
She studied Fine Art with:  Ian Simpson (Central St Martins), at Goldsmiths - University, London - Life Drawing at Winchester School of Art, Hampshire - Sculpture with Carol Orwin at The Harvey Gallery, Surrey - and specialised in Watercolours with William Lawrence at The Harvey Gallery, Surrey.  
Her artworks are auctioned by Christies Auctioneers and Phillips Fine Art and are displayed at a wide variety of galleries in the UK - both commercial and public - although her work is mostly exhibited in central London - as well as internationally.   
A full Exhibitions List is available on request - here’s a brief excerpt (all galleries mentioned are in central London unless otherwise stated):
The Royal Water Colour Society
The Pastel Society
The USA Exhibition
Britain’s Painters (The Artist Magazine Exhibition)
The Raw Gallery
Hays Galleria
Cottons Atrium
The Bankside Gallery
The Mall Galleries
The Westminster Gallery (QE Conference Centre, Westminster)
The NorthBank Gallery
The Seagate Gallery (Dundee)
The Collective Gallery (Edinburgh)
The International Grand Prix Watercolour Artists (France)
The International Salon of Cartoonists & Caricaturists (France)
Art Addiction Gallery (Sweden)
The KD Gallery (Surrey)
The Harvey Gallery (Surrey)
Seventh Heaven (West Sussex)
The Royal Brighton Pavilion Gallery (Sussex)
The Barley Brut Gallery (Hampshire)
- and her artworks also feature in prestigious private
Art Collections - as follows:
- HM Elizabeth The Queen Mother
- and -
- McLaren Formula One Team Principal
- among many others.
Her Illustrations are also published by:
Thames & Hudson
Leaf Publications
- and in various printed Poetry Publications.
Merlynda also studied Art History Art & Communications - and - has Diplomas in the following disciplines:
Stage and Therapeutic Hypnotherapy
Astrology and Divination
Article Journalism
Fine Art  - Painting and Drawing
For more details - Please Message or Call Merlynda - directly.

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Merlynda is also the Founder & Resident Trainer of:
'The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain' (VCGB)
and teaches Professional Ventriloquism Workshops For Entertainers, Actors and Theatrical/TV/Film and Live Entertainment Professionals - privately - and - at Festivals and Events. 
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